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Maxicrop Original Seaweed Extract

Treat your plants with Maxicrop Seaweed Extract to see the benefits of this plant tonic for yourself. This liquid solution contains all of the vital nutrients and trace elements that your plants need to produce healthy growth. Maxicrop Seaweed Extract reduces plant stress,…  More Info

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Empathy Bulb Starter

…by simply adding the correct quanity to the bottom of each planting hole. Bulb Starter combines valuable mycorrhizal fungi, vermiculite and seaweed meal to provide the perfect conditions for your bulbs whilst also stimulating root growth, to promote longer flowering and…  More Info

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Cabbage 'Champion' (Summer/ Autumn Collard)

…dark green leaves with distinctly mild flavour and no aftertaste. The tasty leaves are produced over a long cropping period, giving you fresh greens from the garden almost all year round, with a second sowing in autumn. Perfect for making Chinese crispy seaweed! Height: 90cm…  More Info

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