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Compost Scoop Pink

This plastic compost scoop makes easy work of potting up, making up compost mixes and incorporating fertilisers into your growing medium. It’s also great for scooping dog and bird food. Made from long-lasting plastic it will last for years and its bright pink colour…  More Info

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Happy Beaks Feed Scoop

Happy Beaks Feed Scoop Refilling bird feeds can be messy and a slow process, but with this handy feed scoop, it just got a whole lot easier. Simply dig the scoop into a bag of seed, peanuts or suet pellets, carry to the chosen feeder and pour the seed without any fuss…  More Info

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Squash 'Primavera' F1 Hybrid (Summer)

Scoop the shredded centres out of these generous spaghetti squashes and use as a wholesome substitute for pasta! Squash ?Primavera? F1 hybrid has consistently outperformed other spaghetti squash varieties, it?s reliable, heavy cropping, resilient and has a great taste. Whether you…  More Info

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Tomato 'Buffalosteak' F1 Hybrid

…red tomatoes which are packed full of flavour and have a lovely firm but juicy texture. Ideal for slicing and using in sandwiches or as a burger topper, or make a tasty starter or side dish by scooping out the middle, stuffing them and roasting them. Height: 1.5-1.8m (5-6?).…  More Info

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Pumpkin 'Hooligan' F1 Hybrid

…produces snack-size fruits of just 7.5cm (3) diameter and 5cm (2) deep that are perfect for popping in the microwave. Simply cut of the top and scoop out the seeds, add seasoning, replace the lid and microwave for 4 minutes. The long, sprawling stems of Pumpkin 'Hooligan'…  More Info

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Begonia Viking™ XL 'Red on Chocolate'

Begonia Viking? XL 'Red on Chocolate' certainly stands out from the crowd, so it?s little wonder that it scooped the AAS Flower award 2019! With large, dark bronze leaves and scarlet red flowers, it makes an eye-catching choice for beds and containers. The foliage retains its…  More Info

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Bulb and Bare Root Collection

…right from late spring, with swathes of bearded irises in sumptuous shades from velvety violet to dazzling orange. In quick succession is a generous scoop of some of the most popular bulbs offering all-summer colour for spicing up borders and containers. Alongside, we&rsquo…  More Info

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