Scented Tulips

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Tulip 'Secret Perfume'

…make Tulip 'Secret Perfume' a stylish and showy addition to your patio pots and spring beds and borders. Most Tulips offer only the most delicate scent, but this unusual variety will make you linger to enjoy its scent every time you pass. It comes as no…  More Info

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Tulip 'Brown Sugar'

Warm tones of cinnamon and rose make this a breath-taking variety, with a sweet scent to match! The bright blooms of Tulip ?Brown Sugar? bring the promise of warmer days to come, suffusing beds and borders in a gentle glow. With sturdy stems and good weather resistance, they…  More Info

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Tulip Tree

…shape, release a powerful eucalyptus scent when crushed. As autumn approaches the foliage turns from green to buttery yellow, before falling to reveal the fascinating corky bark that covers the stem and branches of mature specimens. With age, the Tulip Tree will begin…  More Info

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Spring Companions Bulb Collection

…flowers with dainty orange cups which perfectly compliment the classic red blooms of Tulip 'Escape'. Grow this Spring Companions Bulb Collection in beds, borders or patio containers for a deliciously scented and colourful mid-spring show. Supplied as bulbs.*…  More Info

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Narcissus 'Niveth'

…'Niveth' a clean, crisp appearance. Each sturdy stem boasts two gently scented, slightly nodding flowers that make a refreshing and uncomplicated display. Plant them in generous groups as a lone variety or team them with dark Tulips for a bold contrast. They look…  More Info

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Magnolia 'Genie' Noble®

…magnolia breeding, retaining a compact habit with stable flower colour, unlike others of its type. Buds of blackish-red open to produce magnificent scented, deep maroon, tulip-shaped flowers. Flowering lasts for several weeks in spring, often followed by a second flowering…  More Info

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