Scabious Plants

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Knautia macedonica

…lasting well into the autumn and early winter. The dense, double, pin cushion scabious like flowers are a brilliantly strong cherry red, a rare colour in border flowers. Makes a large, neat, rounded bushy plant producing many flowers which are excellent for cutting.…  More Info

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Scabious 'Kudos Purple'

…pink, pincushion flowers of Scabious ?Kudos Purple? are borne in profusion, never losing momentum until the cooler autumn weather arrives. Scabious is a well loved herbaceous perennial, though often has a slightly gangly habit - but not ?Kudos!?. This compact little …  More Info

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Scabious 'Blue Jeans'

…cut for a posy or small vase indoors. Scabious 'Blue Jeans' makes a fabulous addition to the front of cottage garden borders, where it blends well with any colour scheme. Height and spread: 45cm (18). Garden Ready Plants - If you?ve fallen behind with your planting…  More Info

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Scabious 'Kudos Collection'

…cottage gardens, Scabious 'Kudos Collection''is two types of pincushion flower;'Scabious 'Kudos White' and 'Kudos Purple'. Nectar rich, they can help attract bees and butterflies to your garden.'The plants are hardy, and do well in sunny and partial shade areas, and…  More Info

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Scabious 'Kudos White'

A favourite in cottage gardens and patio containers alike, Scabious ?Kudos White? will give you an exceptionally long season of colour in the garden as the delicate white blooms cover the plant from June all the way through to October! ?Kudos White? will produce flowers over…  More Info

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Knautia macedonica 'Melton Pastels'

Glorious scabious-like, 4cm (1'in) pin cushion blooms in the softer hues: blue, mauve, pink, rose, salmon and crimson. Excellent back of border plant producing masses of flowers in two flushes (provided you cut down spent bloom), through to autumn frosts. Suitable for most types of…  More Info

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Wildflower Mixture

plants will flower in the first summer, the rest in spring, summer or autumn the next year. Height: 20-150cm (8in-5ft). Contents include: Birds-Foot Trefoil, Red and White Campion, Dames Violet, Evening Primrose, Musk Mallow, Marjoram, Yellow Melilot, Ragged Robin, Yellow…  More Info

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