Savoy Cabbage

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Cabbage Savoy Cordesa

Cabbage 'Cordesa' is the first club root resistant variety of savoy cabbage. Compact heads of heavily wrinkled leaves form heavy, round heads. This productive variety stands well, so there?s no need to harvest them all at the same time. The dark green leaves have a…  More Info

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Cabbage 'Endeavour' F1 hybrid (Winter Savoy)

This Winter Savoy variety is full of F1 vigour, producing dark green, crinkled leaves that form a firm, rounded head. Cabbage 'Endeavour' is extremely hardy, standing nicely through winter. Heads can be harvested from November through to March for a delicious flavoured   More Info

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Brassica 'Clubroot Resistant Collection'

…Excellent standing ability, good vigour and a wonderful flavour.* Cabbage ?Kilaton? F1 - 2kg, autumn ballheads with a solid, dense structure.* Cabbage ?Lodero? F1 - The first red club root resistant cabbage.* Cabbage ?Savoy Cordesa? F1 - Compact,…  More Info

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