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Salvia Salgoon 'Lake McKenzie'

…fabulous new ornamental Sage has a dark, sultry appearance. The deep blue flowers contrast beautifully with its black buds and stems. Fresh green, heart-shaped foliage completes the picture, making this an eye-catching patio plant. Salvia Salgoon 'Lake McKenzie' is…  More Info

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Salvia Collection

…Height: 45cm (18). Spread: 30cm (12). Salvia collection comprises: * Salvia Experimental 543 name tbc - Rich red flowers decorate the dark stems throughout summer.* Salvia Salgoon 'Lake McKenzie' - Deep blue flowers burst from black buds. * Salvia  More Info

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Salvia Bodacious™ Rhythm and Blues

Bushy plants with dramatic black stems, dark green foliage and stunning, deep blue flowers. An exceptionally long flowering period; from late spring and continuing well into autumn. Salvia Bodacious? Rhythm and Blues is perfectly suited to containers, flower beds and…  More Info

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Salvia x Farina collection

…coloured these Salvia plants look stunning in containers and borders. Restful spires of delicate white, blue and bicolour flowers create swathes of calming colour when planted in large groups. Three weather resistant varieties included in each pack; Bicolor Blue,<…  More Info

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An evergreen sub-shrub with aromatic textured leaves that make a mouth-watering addition to meat dishes and stuffing. Sage is easy to grow, thriving in a sunny spot, where they will produce the best flavoured leaves. This hardy perennial is ideal for planting in the kitchen garden, or even…  More Info

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Sage (Seeds)

Evergreen plant with aromatic textured leaves and mauve flowers. This herb is great for adding flavour to meat dishes and stuffing. It also repels cabbage white butterflies. Height: 60cm (24). Spread: 90cm (35). Culinary information: Some parts of these flowers are edible. Click here for…  More Info

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