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Rosa rugosa Pink

A tough, resilient and reliable rose shrub that will grow and spread readily in almost any situation. Ideal as a security hedge too as the prickles and thorns will deter any would be intruder. This upright shrub bears scented pink flowers in summer, followed by bright red hips through autumn, that…  More Info

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Rose rugosa 'Alba' (Species Shrub Rose)

Rose Rugosa 'Alba' is an enchanting species shrub rose. Sporting a vigorous growth habit, this superb rose is an ideal choice for hedging. In summer the stems are awash in a sea of glossy green foliage which turns buttery yellow late in the season. Rosa Rugosa flaunts a fragrant heap of white,…  More Info

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Rose rugosa 'Rubra' (Species Shrub Rose)

Let the warming magenta-pink flowers of Rose Rugosa 'Rubra' brighten up your garden. From July through to September this vigorous red Japanese rose bears cup-shaped flowers, that boast an alluring fragrance. Come autumn, the lush green foliage and fragrant blooms give way to a captivating display of…  More Info

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Agastache Little Adder

Invite bees and butterflies to a nectar-rich banquet with this dwarf Hyssop. Agastache ‘Little Adder’ is a compact cultivar, ideal for smaller gardens and narrow borders. From summer to autumn, upright stems bearing spikes of bluish-purple flowers rise above fresh green foliage with an…  More Info

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Agastache rugosa

This beautiful perennial is a phenomenal bee and butterfly magnet and a wonderful additional to a wildlife garden or informal border. From midsummer to autumn it produces eye-catching purple flower spikes and the whole plant has a delicious liquorice scent. It associates well with swaying grasses…  More Info

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Bumper Shrub Collection

…interest to perennial displays and seasonal bedding. Each variety will also work well in containers on the patio. Collection comprises: ? Rosa rugosa ? Ribes odoratum ? Spiraea douglasii ? Cornus alba ? Potentilla fruiticosa ? Snowberry ? Lilac vulgaris ? Weigela rosea ? Deutzia scabra ? Berberis…  More Info

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