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Ruby Beauty

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Raspberry 'Ruby Beauty'

…dwarf raspberry canes, that reach just 1m (3?) high, making them ideal for smaller gardens, allotments or a planter on the patio! Raspberry ?Ruby Beauty? plants have a vigorous, robust growth and the stems bear no thorns so harvesting fruit is much easier too. When…  More Info

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Patio Berry Collection

…naturally dwarf and compact in habit, plus has the added bonus of thornless stems and a bumper crop too. Add to that, the fantastic Raspberry ?Ruby Beauty? which again, has a dwarf habit, making it perfect for patio pots and a super crop of delicious raspberries…  More Info

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Tree Peony Collection

…of petals in the most delicate shade of pale pink.* Tree Peony 'White Crane' - Wide, semi-double white blooms contrast beautifully with the central ring of golden anthers. * Tree Peony ?Ruby? - Sumptuous purple-pink, double blooms stand out against the handsome,…  More Info

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Heather Collection

…and will even cope with light shade. We've selected three beautiful specimens with masses of nectar-rich flowers that bloom in spring: * 'Pink Spangels' - masses of nectar-rich pale pink blooms from February to April.* 'Myretoun Ruby' - Deep pink blooms which darken…  More Info

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Summer Bedding Collection

…are based on the equivalent price of individual varieties bought separately.* Collection comprises:* Antirrhinum majus 'Madame Butterfly Mix' - Beautiful, frilly, double snapdragon flowers will fill your summer borders with glorious colour, lasting far longer than their…  More Info

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