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Rosemary 'Corsican'

Rosemary ‘Corsican’ is a compact rosemary with a semi-trailing habit perfect for cascading over walls, steps and rockeries or tumbling from containers. In spring and early summer, it bears an abundance of bright blue flowers. Rosemary ‘Corsican’ is one of the strongest…  More Info

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Rosemary officinalis 'Pyramid'

This rosemary has been carefully pruned to form a smart pyramid. Its formal shape is great for adding vertical accents to a sunny patio container or window box where you can easily harvest sprigs for kitchen use. Alternatively, plant Rosemary officinalis ‘Pyramid’ into a herb border to…  More Info

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Essential with roast lamb, the dark green aromatic foliage of rosemary has a multitude of culinary uses. This shrubby evergreen is ideal for a sunny herb garden and even survives in poor soils, requiring very little maintenance. Height and spread: 150cm (59). Culinary note: Some parts of these…  More Info

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Rosemary 'Miss Jessop's Upright'

A vigorous RHS AGM variety, well-loved by gardeners and cooks alike! Upright, silvery stems are covered in needle-like evergreen foliage which is deeply aromatic. From late April to June the stems are filled with irregular clusters of pale lilac flowers which are loved by bees. Rosemary 'Miss…  More Info

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Rosemary 'Blue Cascade'

The most popular trailing Rosemary, boasting lovely cascading stems which really showcase the larger-than-average mauve-blue flowers. Rosemary ‘Blue Cascade’ looks wonderful planted on the top of a wall, cascading down steps and rockeries or tumbling from a container. Its trailing stems…  More Info

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