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Rose 'Blue Eyes'

This wonderful floribunda rose produces large peony-like petals that blend from white to an unusual deep mauve centre. Rose 'Blue Eyes' has good disease resistance and a short bushy habit that is well suited to either containers or borders. This superb and sought after…  More Info

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Rose 'Eye of the Tiger' (Shrub Rose)

An unusual shrub rose that has semi-double vibrant yellow flowers with deep burnt-orange centres. Combining the look of a wild rose with modern disease resistance and more vigorous, yet compact, plants you'll be enjoying these gorgeous flowers throughout the summer months.…  More Info

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Rose 'Eyes Collection' (Floribunda Rose)

…planters. Rose 'For Your Eyes Only' was named Rose of the year 2015, and Rose 'Eye of the Tiger' is a cultivar that combines the vigour of modern breeding with the charm of wild roses. Both are vigorous growers, with good resistance to…  More Info

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Rose 'For Your Eyes Only'

…as Rose of the Year for 2015, Rose ?For Your Eyes Only? is an amazing new variety with luxurious blooms in a blend of enthralling colours. Rich burgundy centres, speckled with gold stamens, are surrounded by pink petals. Each flower produces a subtle and…  More Info

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Rose 'Masquerade'

…pink before maturing to a gorgeous shade of red. This stunning climbing rose makes a particularly eye-catching feature grown against a wall or pergola. Height: 4m (12') Spread: 2m (6', 6) Useful links: How to plant and grow roses Culinary information: Some parts of…  More Info

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Rose 'It's A Wonderful Life' (Floribunda Rose)

Bestowed with the prestigious Rose of the Year award for 2022 which honours the most promising new varieties! This floribunda rose boasts a dark cloak of glossy foliage that makes the apricot double blooms stand out to perfection. The leaves hold well on this disease…  More Info

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Viola hybrida 'Rose Shades'

A delightful bushy, compact and free flowering variety in delicious rose shades. Each bloom has an attractive yellow eye and darker whiskers, plus the added bonus of a sweet fragrance. Ideal for planting in spring or summer borders and containers. Height: 15-25cm (6-10in).…  More Info

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Nasturtium 'Baby Deep Rose'

Unusual deep rosy-pink blooms set this gorgeous variety apart from traditional types. Nasturtium 'Baby Deep Rose' is the perfect choice for anyone who loves the lush look of Nasturtiums with their stunning spreading and trailing stems and neat round leaves, whether combined in an…  More Info

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Rhododendron 'Wine and Roses'

…of pale pink blooms are borne in profusion during April, contrasting beautifully with the handsome, dark green foliage. Rhododendron ?Wine and Roses? has a neat, rounded habit, remaining compact with maturity. Ideal for acid beds and borders, woodland gardens or a large…  More Info

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Lychnis coronaria 'Dancing Ladies'

Lychnis coronaria 'Dancing Ladies? is a colourful mix of Rose Campion that makes an eye-catching display in sunny beds and borders. Rosettes of silvery foliage produce upright silver-white stems topped with white, pink and rose-red flowers. Individual plants are relatively short…  More Info

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Foxglove 'Summer King'

Commonly known as the Strawberry Foxglove. This very compact variety produces neat flower spikes with huge, eye-catching strawberry-rose bells. A vigorous variety which is sure to make any early season garden shine, as well as attracting nectar-loving bees. Digitalis Summer King is a…  More Info

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Winter Bedding Ultimate Collection

…Primrose ‘Husky Raspberry Punch’ (6 plugs) – a variety of pink blooms in shades of raspberry, rose and peach, each with a darker centre surrounding a yellow eye. Easy-to-grow F1 hybrids that are low-maintenance hardy perennials. Height & Spread…  More Info

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Godetia 'Rembrandt'

Beautiful Godetia 'Rembrandt' has been selected for its uniformity and deep carmine rose and white bicoloured blooms. With each flower painted in a consistent and stable pattern, you can be sure of a breathtaking display throughout the summer. This striking hardy annual can be…  More Info

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Bulb & Perennial Bumper Pack

This great value bumper bundle of bulbs and bare root perennials is a feast for the eyes! Combining a wide range of favourites for a riot of colour from late spring right through to autumn, this bumper pack is ideal for treating yourself or a friend. With showy lupins, gap-filling…  More Info

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