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Wild Rocket (Seeds)

Wild rocket has deeper green, more serrated foliage, than the usual Rocket. Its strong peppery flavour is ideal in salads and makes an attractive garnish. Height and spread: 15cm (6). Culinary information: Some parts of these flowers are edible. Click here for more details…  More Info

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Salad Leaves 'Mediterranean Mix' (Seeds)

A taste of the mediterranean comes with these colourful and flavoursome salad varieties. Ready to eat in around a month, sow all year round for a constant and tasty supply. Height: 15cm (6). Spread: 15cm (6).  More Info

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6x6 Rocket Playhouse

This Rocket Playhouse provides children with the opportunity to let their imaginations visit a place out of this world. A raised platform inside allows the kids to take command of the bridge when leading a space mission. Suitable for domestic use only. Households looking for…  More Info

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Potato 'Rocket'

…first crop of the season! The rounded, white skinned and fleshed tubers are quick to produce 'baby new potatoes' with a firm waxy texture. Potato 'Rocket' has good all-round disease resistance including golden eelworm, and is easy to grow in the ground or in potato bags.…  More Info

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Tree Lily® 'Yellow Rocket'

These incredible Tree Lilies® produce huge stems topped with masses of fragrant, trumpet shaped blooms. Over the years many offshoots are produced from a single hardy bulb, and they take on a shrub-like appearance reaching 2m (6' 6) tall over time. Fantastic in borders and large patio…  More Info

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Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea 'Orange Rocket'

Berberis 'Orange Rocket' produces leaves which become deeper in colour as summer progresses into autumn; from a rich orange maturing to lovely shades of plum and purple. Small yellow flowers appear in spring, emitting a subtle honey fragrance. This handy ornamental shrub has a…  More Info

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Hesperis matronalis

Sweet Rocket bears aromatic clumps of soft lilac to purple flowers from May to July, producing a stunning display when grown in large drifts. Despite Hesperis matronalis being a biennial or relatively short-lived perennial, it will easily seed about to form masses of blooms that…  More Info

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Wooden Herb Gift Set

…3x peat pots* 3x peat growing plugs* 3x plant markers* 1x garden snips* 1x packet Dill bouquet seeds* 1x packet Parsley champion seeds* 1x pack Rocket eruca sativa seeds The Herbs With this kit you receive three different seeds: parsley champion; traditionally a tightly…  More Info

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Verbascum olympicum

A low maintenance perennial that is a striking addition to any cottage garden large border. Verbascum olympicum rockets to up to 2 metres in height, with buttery yellow flower spikes, growing from a basal foliage of silver, felted leaves. It tends to bloom in it's third year then…  More Info

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Tree Lily® Collection

…on the patio, and just let them look after themselves. Height: 2.5m (8'). Spread: 60cm (24). Supplied as bulbs.* Collection comprises:* 'Yellow Rocket' - Silky yellow petals with creamy white edges.* 'Starburst' - Golden, perfumed blooms with a crimson red stripe.* 'Pink…  More Info

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Salad Leaves 'French Mix' (Seeds)

…offers a specially chosen selection of salad leaves: Chamomile; Golden Purslane; Landcres; Orach Scarlet Emperor; Shungiku; Tree Spinach and Wild Rocket. The half-hardy annuals should be sown in quick succession, then mixed and matched to create delicious, unique salads.…  More Info

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