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Cascading Rock Pool Water Feature

…and the hidden pump will recycle the water continually. The pump carries the water up to the highest rock, it then cascades down into the middle rocks and travels down into the lowest rock pool in a continuous cycle. Constructed from a highly durable and…  More Info

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Extra Large Rock Pool Water Feature With Lights

…cycle the water around the feature. The pump will transport the water up to the highest rock where it will then travel down into the central pools before flowing into the lowest rock pool ready to repeat the cycle. This water feature is mains powered and…  More Info

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Cascading Barrel Water Feature And Planter

…pump will begin to repeatedly cycle the water. The pump will then carry the water to the highest rock before it cascades down to the middle rocks and then continues on into the lowest rock pool to begin the cycle again. This water feature is mains…  More Info

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