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House Plant Urban Jungle Collection (House Plant)

…and lime green variegated, strap-like foliage arches with a tumbling effect. Ideal for an indoor hanging basket or high shelf.* Ficus elastica 'Robusta' ? Large, dark green, thick leaves that are extremely glossy, with paler undersides. Over time, it matures to become a…  More Info

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Ficus elastica Robusta

A well know house plant, instantly recognisable for its leathery, glossy, evergreen leaves. Indian Rubber Plants are reliable, undemanding and easy to grow. This popular plant enjoys a sunny position but copes well with shade, making it useful for those darker north facing rooms in your…  More Info

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Alchemilla mollis 'Robustica'

…an excellent foil to flowering plants whilst the yellow flowers enhance other colours, particularly blue tones. The size of the flowers on ‘Robusta’ makes it an especially fine selection for the production of fresh or dried cut flowers. A fuss-free, adaptable…  More Info

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Green Houseplants Bathroom Trio

…11cm Pot x 1: Asplenium antiquum 'Crissie' Pandanus veitchii Microsorum m. 'Crocodyllus' Peperomia poly. 'Raindrop' Peperomia pecunifolia Hope 12-13cm Pot x 1: Ficus elastica 'Robusta' Homalomena rubescens Calathea rufibarba Pandanus veitchii Asparagus dens. 'Meyerii' Please…  More Info

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House Plant Urban Jungle Collection

…strap-like foliage arches beautifully to create a lovely tumbling effect. Perfect for an indoor hanging basket or high shelf.* Ficus elastica 'Robusta' ? Large, dark green, leathery leaves are beautifully glossy, with paler undersides. Forms a magnificent indoor tree over…  More Info

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