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Redcurrant 'Rovada'

This redcurrant variety is a heavy cropper from mid July through August and one plant can produce up to 2'kg (6lb) of fruit in a season. The berries grow in long strings, that are easy to harvest. Redcurrants freeze well, and can be used in pies and jams 'Height and spread:…  More Info

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Dianthus 'Cosmopolitan'

Dianthus ‘Cosmopolitan’ is a real stunner, bearing single, cerise pink flowers with a striking redcurrant eye. One of the ‘Cocktail’ series, ‘Cosmopolitan’ is noted for its exceptionally long flowering period and excellent scent. Height and spread…  More Info

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Whitecurrant 'White Versailles' (Organic)

…earliest cropping whitecurrant. It produces heavy crops of large shiny white berries in long trusses from July. Whitecurrants are sweeter than redcurrants and perfect for eating fresh or as an ingredient in deserts and jellies. Currants have a long cropping season and freeze…  More Info

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