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Raspberry Bush

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Raspberry 'Willamette' (Summer Fruiting)

…fruiting. Raspberry 'Willamette' bears reliably heavy crops of sweet, dark red, medium-sized berries that provide a welcome early harvest in June-July. Delicious eaten straight off the bush or turned into jams, jellies and pies. Height: 150cm (59in). Spread: 50cm (20in). All of our raspberries have…  More Info

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Japanese Wineberry

raspberries. The juicy fruit has a sweet and tangy taste and is delicious eaten straight off the bush although it can be cooked like raspberries. Japanese Wineberries are still an unusual crop in the UK but they are incredibly easy to grow, just treat them the same way you would a summer raspberry.  More Info

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Raspberry 'Glen Ample' (Summer fruiting)

This mid season variety of raspberry produces a 'great crop of berries in late June and early July, which are large, deep red and wont spoil easily. They are perfect for delicious summer deserts, or just washed and eaten fresh from the bush. The canes are thornless, making it a safe choice for…  More Info

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Currant Duo

…not invest in a couple of bushes, that will provide you with currants galore, year after year, which can be used in desserts and jams. Currant Duo has two varieties that have big berries and produce high yields. Currants tend to be tart, so why not get some raspberries and strawberry plants as well,…  More Info

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