Purple Sprouting

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Broccoli 'Summer Purple' (Purple Sprouting) (Seeds)

Bred in the UK especially for summer harvesting, plants need no vernalisation (winter chill) to produce the tasty purple spears. Good tolerance to heat. Height: 90cm (35). Spread: 60cm (24).  More Info

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Broccoli Extra Early Purple Sprouting 'Rudolph' (Seeds)

Broccoli 'Rudolph' is a purple sprouting broccoli plant boasting large quantities of delicious vegetables. However, what makes the hardy biennial most unique is its early crop: its spears can be harvested from January or February, depending on climate. To further increase…  More Info

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Brassica Summer Collection

…can be prone to club root disease. These four varieties have been developed by breeders over 18 years and all have good resistance against the disease. The collection includes: Broccoli Sprouting 'Summer Purple', Cabbage 'Summer Jewel F1', Calabrese 'Green Magic F1'…  More Info

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Broccoli 'Red Arrow' (Purple Sprouting)

Purple Sprouting Broccoli 'Red Arrow' produces vigorous vitamin rich plants with lots of tender purple spears. This RHS AGM variety is a vast improvement on existing strains, cropping a week earlier and yielding up to 20% more than other varieties. An extremely useful…  More Info

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Broccoli 'Early Purple Sprouting' (Purple Sprouting) (Seeds)

A useful winter-cropping vegetable, hardy and easy-to-grow. It produces masses of tender purple broccoli shoots which turn green when cooked. Height: 90cm (35). Spread: 60cm (24).  More Info

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