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Purple Shamrock

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Oxalis triangularis (Purple)

Also known as ‘Brazilian Butterfly’, Oxalis triangularis (Purple) is a truly stunning plant. Dainty, triangular leaves are held on fine stems like a flutter of purple butterflies. The 3-lobed leaves are a deep, purple-black around the margin, highlighted by a vivid pinkish-purple splash…  More Info

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Trillium erectum

…soils, creating dense ground cover once established. This hardy perennial produces variable flowers that can range from white to yellow or even purple, but generally appear as a rich beetroot-red shade. A lovely choice for damp, woodland groundcover, but can be challenging to establish so is best…  More Info

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Summer Crazy Colour Collection

…better display each year. (6). Spread: 5cm (2).* Oxalis - This ornamental Shamrock is as versatile as it is pretty. Oxalis tetraphylla 'Iron Cross' is mainly grown for its clover-like, bright green leaves with a dark purple band at the base of each leaflet. From early summer, the distinctive foliage…  More Info

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Summer Spectacular Colour Collection

…25 x Brodiaea - Delicate displays of purple stars supported by slender stems for an attractive complement for your borders.* 10 x Gladioli Mixed - Spectacular stately flower spikes to fill your borders with flamboyant colour!* 25 x Oxalis ? Bright shamrocks emerge from clover-like foliage.* 15 x…  More Info

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Bulb & Perennial Bumper Pack

…from late spring onwards. Height: 15cm (6). Spread: 5cm (2).* Oxalis (13 bulbs) – A very pretty shamrock producing deep rose-pink flowers above distinctive four-lobed leaves with a dark purple centre. Height and spread: 15cm (6).* Brodiaea (13 bulbs) – Also known as Triteleia, producing…  More Info

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Hebe Collection

…of purple flowers that are loved by pollinating insects. Height: 100cm (39). Spread: 150cm (59). * Hebe ?Silver Anniversary? - An elegant evergreen shrub that is grown for its beautiful variegated foliage and contrasting purple stems. Height: 50cm (20). Spread: 75cm (29).* Hebe ?Purple Shamrock? -…  More Info

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