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Rose 'Rhapsody in Blue'

Rose of the year in 2003, this floribunda rose bears blooms of the most amazing colour. Semi-double and intensely fragrant, the royal purple petals fade to lilac/blue as they age. Height: 120cm (47) Spread: 100cm (40) Bareroot plant supplied. Useful links: How to plant…  More Info

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Rose 'Ebb Tide'

Original, antique English rose blooms on a modern floribunda. Rose ?Ebb Tide? is an ideal specimen variety for patio containers as its shorter than normal growth habit means it can cope well with these conditions. The main attraction of this wonderful little rose  More Info

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Rose 'Scented Double Purple'

…formed petals sculpt these exquisite, double purple blooms. Bred from traditional varieties this repeat-flowering rose combines improvement in scent, form, and colour with enhanced disease resistance. With a delicious fragrance, Rose 'Scented Double Purple'<…  More Info

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Rose 'Blue for You'

The best blue rose there is and winner of an RHS AGM! This stunning floribunda rose produces semi-double blooms which are initially a purple-mauve colour but quickly fade to a pretty lilac-blue. Repeat-flowering and sweetly fragrant, Rose 'Blue for You' blooms from…  More Info

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Guelder Rose (Hedging)

…Although it has rose in its name, the flowerheads that bloom in May and June more resemble Hydrangea flowers. The clusters of snowball flowers, of early summer, are followed by glossy, red berries in autumn, as the vibrant green, maple-like foliage turns to shades of   More Info

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Burnet Rose Hedging

Burnet Roses make a perfect low hedge as a decorative boundary to parts of your garden. ideal for front gardens where often height restrictions are in place but you still want to deter unwanted visitors. The advantage of a Burnet Rose hedge is the beautiful white blooms in…  More Info

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Rose Home Florist Timeless Collection

…them, make sure you take full advantage of the heady scent as well as the beautiful display. The varieties in the Rose 'Timeless' Collection are: Rose 'Timeless Charisma? (deep pink/red colour), Rose 'Timeless Cream?, Rose ?Timeless Pink? and Rose  More Info

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Hibiscus syriacus 'Purple Ruffles'

Hibiscus syriacus 'Purple Ruffles' produces fully double mauve-purple flowers in abundance from late summer through to October. Despite its tropical looks, this Rose Mallow is fully hardy and provides a welcome splash of colour when many other plants have peaked. Although…  More Info

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Daikon Radish 'Misato Rose Flesh' F1 Hybrid

Spice up your summer salads with this peppery-tasting Daikon Radish 'Misato Rose Flesh?. Distinctive and attractive, this variety is commonly known as ?watermelon radish? for its unique appearance, with creamy-white to pale green outer skin and bright purple-pink flesh inside. These…  More Info

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Diascia barberae 'Rose Queen'

…one of the world's loveliest annuals. Slender spikes of shell like, rose pink flowers spring From a mound of small, glossy, dark green leaves. At the back of the flower are two short spurs and the throat is tinged with purple and marked with a yellow spot. Easy to…  More Info

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Iris germanica 'Rose de Perse'

The sumptuous colours of Iris germanica ‘Rose de Perse’ will have you swooning. The standards are pure pink, the falls pale pink with a rosy-purple border set off with delicate pink veining and coral red beards. Iris germanica is one of the earliest flowering perennials…  More Info

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Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea 'Rose Glow'

…is deservedly popular. The mottled pink and red foliage gradually darkens to purple and red in autumn making a superb contrast with spring flowers and bright red, late summer berries. Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea 'Rose Glow' is as versatile as it is pretty,…  More Info

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Penstemon 'Miniature Bells'

Stunning, miniature bells in pink, purple and rose shades, complemented by dwarf attractive blue- green foliage. Flowering over a long period in borders or containers.  More Info

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Nigella damascena 'Persian Jewels'

A beautiful and easily grown annual with attractive fennel-like foliage. A unique mixture of mauve, lavender, purple, rose and blue. Very useful for bedding and cut flowers. The large seed pods can also be dried for winter decoration indoors. Culinary note: The seeds have a…  More Info

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Wallflower 'My Fair Lady Mixed'

A neat, uniform free flowering strain. Soft, fragrant colours; lemon, cream, gold, apricot, purple, pink, salmon, rose and mahogany. Versatile and undemanding, this short lived perennial tends to be grown as a biennial, and is tough enough to cope in even the poorest of soils…  More Info

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Aster 'Starlight Mixed'

One of the best dwarf Asters! Intriguing spider-like flowers smother compact basal branched plants in attractive shades of blue, purple, scarlet and rose. Early to flower, adding a colourful display to borders or patio containers over a long flowering period. Height: 20cm …  More Info

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Fuchsia arborescens

A very different fuchsia to those we grow in our hanging baskets each year. Commonly known as the 'tree fuchsia', this tender species fuchsia will provide panicles of rose-purple flowers throughout summer. It makes a wonderful specimen for a patio container with its evergreen foliage, and…  More Info

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Larkspur 'The Seven Dwarfs'

…Larkspurs. Each dwarf, 20-25cm (8-10 inch), flower spike is densely packed with attractive stock-like dwarf blooms in seven colours of pink, mauve, rose, purple, grey, white and shades of blue. Ideal for adding a little character to your borders and containers. The…  More Info

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Tomato 'Indigo Cherry Drops'

…thanks to the purple skin blushing. And you?ll get masses more fruits compared to semi-bush type Indigo Rose thanks to a true vigorous cordon habit. A pale purple blush appears early on unripe green fruit, turning to rich purple with a reddish base when…  More Info

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Hellebore x hybridus 'Mixed' (Lenten Rose)

Cup shaped flowers, some plain and others freckled, are borne in elegant shades of white, pink, red and purple. The graceful blooms and dark leathery foliage of Helleborus orientalis make a stunning addition to shady borders and winter containers that will delight you year after…  More Info

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Large Flowered Clematis Collection

…in your garden with this sensational Large Flowered Clematis Collection. Let them mingle together to create a wonderful multi-tonal display of purple and apple green, fully double flowers. Flowering profusely throughout the summer, they make a fine focal point when grown…  More Info

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Helleborus 'Single White Blotched'

…a truly stunning variety with each petal fringed in pure white and generously splashed with deep pinkish purple in the centre. Equally happy in borders or pots, this hardy Lenten Rose will herald spring with glorious blooms from February to April, bringing a smile to…  More Info

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Helleborus Lenten Beauty Mix

…‘Lenten Beauty Mix’, a delightful selection of pink, purple, cream and yellow hellebores, some plain and some beautifully speckled or edged in a contrasting colour. Equally happy in borders or pots, this hardy Lenten Rose selection will herald spring with…  More Info

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Calathea roseopicta 'Medaillon' (House Plant)

Its exotic looks and vibrant colours will certainly liven up a lightly shaded corner! The ornate foliage of Calathea veitchiana 'Medaillon' is quite extraordinary! Large, broad leaves are patterned with silver and green feather-like markings that make an unforgettable display. The…  More Info

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Lavender 'Rosea'

Fragrant rose pink flower spikes rise on short stems above neat, grey-green foliage. With its pretty pink blooms, Lavandula angustifolia 'Rosea' makes a lovely alternative to the traditional purple English Lavenders. A superb choice for creating a low hedge or path edging…  More Info

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Echium pininana

No wonder this is also called Tower of Jewels or 'Pride of Tenerife! Exceptionally tall flower spikes packed with either rose or purple-blue flowers, interspersed with silver-green lanceolate leaves.  More Info

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Geranium 'Decora Trio'

…of pink, centred with pale white and veined with a bold dark rose. Geranium 'Decora Rose' ? A delicate pastel shade of pink highlighted by butterfly like dark veins. Geranium 'Decora Lilac' ? A mix of pink-purple petals with purple veins Our premium jumbo plug…  More Info

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Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea 'Harlequin'

Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea 'Harlequin' is a particularly recognisable RHS AGM variety with distinctive purple leaves marbled with rose-pink. Although mainly grown for its foliage, the pale lemon flowers make a pleasing contrast in spring, followed by bright red berries from…  More Info

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Bulb & Perennial Bumper Pack

…50cm (20).* Geranium ‘Double Jewel’ (1 x Bare Root Plant) – Exquisite white, star-shaped double flowers with contrasting pinkish purple centres from early summer onwards. This new introduction has neat, compact growth with a more upright habit than many…  More Info

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Iris germanica Duo

…are ivory white complemented by white falls with a broad border of mottled blue. Height: 90cm (35in). Spread: 30cm (12in).* Iris germanica ‘Rose de Perse’ - standards are pure pink, the falls pale pink with a rosy-purple border set off with delicate pink veining…  More Info

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