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Purple And White Duo

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Clematis Duo Collection

…other climbers to extend interest to all year round. Collection includes;* Clematis napaulensis - Large clusters of scented, white, bell-shaped flowers with rich purple filaments appear from November through to March. Clematis napaulensis is hardy when grown in a…  More Info

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Allium Duo Collection

A fantastic duo of Allium varieties with spherical, architectural flower heads in May and June perched on stiffly upright stems. As the flowers fade, attractive seed heads remain which become straw coloured as the season progresses, persisting throughout autumn. Dot them among…  More Info

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Primrose 'Scirocco Duo'

Primrose 'Scirocco Duo? combines mauves and purples in a spectacular spring display, each bloom having a pure white frill and a bright yellow centre to truly lift your borders and patio pots. We think you?ll struggle to find a prettier variety of this customer…  More Info

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Petunia 'Sky Duo'

…filled with purple, trumpet-shaped blooms that create a showy display all summer long. Height and spread: 30cm (12). Petunia ?Sky Duo? comprises:* Petunia 'Lavender Sky' ? Blooms fade from dark violet to palest lilac, creating a stunning multi-tonal effect.* Petunia …  More Info

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Tulip 'Ice Cream Duo'

…Spread: 15cm (6).* Tulip ?Ice Cream Duo? comprises:* Tulip ?Ice Cream? - Layer upon layer of fluffy white petals are encased by an outer layer of magenta tepals, each with a green stripe.* Tulip ?Ice Cream Yellow? ? Rich, vanilla-yellow petals are cupped by sumptuous…  More Info

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Aquilegia 'Swan Lavender'

…These easy to grow perennials will self seed readily and soon form drifts of colour in your beds and borders. Our ?Swan Duo? is made up of two varieties, ?Swan Red & White? and ?Swan Lavender? to give you shades of blue, red and white for many years to come!…  More Info

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Fuchsia Hardy Trellis Collection

…spread: Up to 45cm (18).* Collection comprises:* Fuchsia 'Angela' - A colourful display of single, purple blooms with bright red sepals that arch backwards. * Fuchsia 'Ellebel' - Lavender and white, single blooms throughout summer, and well into autumn Plant height…  More Info

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