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Electric Heated Propagator with Air Valve Vent

…resilient, lightweight PVC, this propagator is robust and hard wearing. For optimum results, it's worth checking the ambient temperature - the ideal compost temperature for germination is between 18 and 22'C. It may be that on warmer, brighter days, the electric   More Info

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16 Cell Window Propagator

Sowing seeds couldn't be easier with our 16 cell windowsill propagator. These narrow propagators are the perfect size for your windowsill, providing a warm, humid environment for successful germination. The cells are the perfect size for sowing large or quick growing seed…  More Info

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24 Cell Windowsill Greenhouse

Sowing seeds couldn't be easier with our 24 cell windowsill propagator. These handy propagators provide a warm, humid environment for successful germination. The cells are the perfect size for sowing large or quick growing seed such as pumpkins, tomatoes, sunflowers,…  More Info

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Stephanandra tanakae

A deciduous shrub which propagates by suckers, producing tiny creamy-white flowers in summer and attractive lobed leaves which change from green to golden-yellow, sometimes changing to purple in autumn. Orange brown stems make Stephanandra tanakae an excellent choice for using as…  More Info

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Quince 'Vranja' (patio)

…cooked to make excellent jams and jellies, and can be added to apple pies before cooking to enhance the flavour. Self-fertile Quince 'Vranja' is propagated onto 'Quince A' rootstock. Height and spread: 4m (13'). Estimated time to cropping once planted: 2 years. Estimated…  More Info

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Lemon 'Eureka'

…can be moved indoors to a bright and frost free position from Autumn through to Spring. Self fertile, you will not need a pollination companion. Propagated onto 'PS' rootstock and supplied as a large specimen bush (often in fruit) in a 5 litre pot. Estimated time to cropping…  More Info

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Nemesia 'Seventh Heaven' F1 Hybrid

Compact, bushy little plants are smothered in perfumed, bicolour flowers from June to September. Nemesia ?Seventh Heaven? is the first bicolour available from seed, allowing you to fill your baskets, containers, window boxes and borders with their large, colourful blooms at a fraction of…  More Info

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Sedum 'Matrona'

…removed ready for fresh spring growth. Sedum 'Matrona' is a drought-tolerant plant which forms a strong clump and it is easy to grow and to propagate. Just give it a sunny position in well-drained and moderately fertile soil and it will reward you for many years to come.…  More Info

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