Primrose Plants

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Primrose 'Husky Mixed'

…of Primrose Husky Mixed with their delicate fragrance will appear among a rosette of green leaves, to brighten the gloomiest days. Plant primroses in containers and window boxes, or in large groups in beds and borders for a sensational spring display. Height…  More Info

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Primrose 'Everlast'

…name, Primrose 'Everlast' blooms for up to 6 months! From early autumn to spring, the pale yellow flowers are borne above dark rosettes of evergreen foliage. This super-charged variety boasts the beauty and simplicity of a wild Primrose, alongside incredible stamina…  More Info

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Verbascum 'Dark Eyes'

…flower spikes are crowded with primrose yellow blooms, each with a contrasting maroon eye. Verbascum 'Dark Eyes' is a compact, dwarf variety, rising to just 30cm (12) tall. Its coarse green foliage forms a dense clump, creating excellent groundcover when they are planted<…  More Info

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Primrose Scented Mix

…polyanthus are perfect for beds and borders where they will return year after year. Why not plant them on your patio for a bright splash of cheerful springtime colour. Supplied as plug tray plants. Height and spread: 30cm (12inches). Culinary information: Some parts…  More Info

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Primrose 'Husky Raspberry Punch'

…days. Primrose 'Husky Raspberry Punch' is a cheery colour mix taken from the ever popular Husky series. Flowering through the cold and snow, these reliable little perennials are relentless! Their delicately scented blooms appear above handsome rosettes of dark green foliage.…  More Info

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Primrose '100 Days of Flower'

…colour with Primrose '100 Days of Flower'. Carefully selected for their reliable performance and long flowering periods, this blend of Primroses provides colour that will stay the course! Plant them in beds and borders, or fill patio pots and windowboxes with…  More Info

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Bellis perennis 'Pomponette Bicolour'

…Height and Spread: 20cm (8). Garden Ready Plants - If you?ve fallen behind with your planting or if greenhouse space is limited, we can help you catch up with our garden-ready plug plants. These sturdy plants are larger than other plugs so they can be   More Info

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Primrose 'Rosebud Mixed'

…double flowers with the appearance rosebuds in late winter and spring. Plant these cheery primroses in containers and borders or grow them indoors as a colourful spring houseplant. Height: 20cm (8). Supplied as plug plants. Culinary information: Some parts of…  More Info

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Primrose 'Arizona Bicolor'

A cheery array of free-flowering Primroses in every bicolour imaginable ? some with dainty picotee edges, others with a bright circle of colour at the centre of each bloom! Primrose 'Arizona Bicolor' makes a wondrous display that will bring a traditional cottage garden feel…  More Info

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Chrysanthemum coronarium 'Primrose Gem'

Neat dome shaped plants with ferny foliage and 1-1' in gorgeous primrose 'buttons' with a golden eye. Flowers summer. Height 30-45cm (12-18in). Culinary note: These petals are best flash fried and then added to soups, salads or stir fries. For more details about edible…  More Info

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Lily 'Primrose Hill'

…coloured edges. Lily 'Primrose Hill' is a tall tree lily, which when mature has stems 180cm (71?) long. This makes it great for the back of tropical themed borders, or as a floral screen to hide a drab wall, or wheelie bins. On warm summer nights the scent fills the air, so …  More Info

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Tulip 'Cream Cocktail'

…pale gold flame to each petal. The slender, yet sturdy stems, lift the blooms well above the fresh, green foliage, which is edged with a grey margin. Perfect for a more naturalistic planting scheme, where they will associate beautifully with yellow primroses. Height:…  More Info

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Spring Garden Ready Duo

…Our garden ready plants have a strong, developed root system and healthy top growth so they can be planted straight into your borders, baskets and patio containers. Enjoy splashes of colour and delicate fragrance in your garden with the bright rainbow colours of   More Info

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Verbascum phlomoides 'Snow Maiden'

…seamlessly into summer bouquets. This elegant plant is an excellent architectural feature in any planting scheme, adding both height and movement. This Mullein variety is cherished for its graceful white flower spikes, each featuring a primrose yellow centre,…  More Info

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Oenothera versicolor 'Sunset Boulevard'

Well branched plants, red stemmed with rich green, lanceolate foliage. The striking flowers are in whorls, vivid orange/red when fully open and when over, turn to red. Like many Oenotheras, the combination of open and spent bloom together, is stunning. This very choice plant  More Info

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Wildflower Mixture

…birds and insects they will attract. Some plants will flower in the first summer, the rest in spring, summer or autumn the next year. Height: 20-150cm (8in-5ft). Contents include: Birds-Foot Trefoil, Red and White Campion, Dames Violet, Evening Primrose, Musk Mallow,…  More Info

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Lily Giant Flowered Collection

Planted together, they make a fantastic floral patio screen, or can hide a drab wall or fence. Height: 180cm (71). Spread: 45cm (18).* Collection comprises: * Lily ?Pretty Woman? - Pure white blooms and a soft sweet fragrance.* Lily ?Tasman?? Bright pink, tropical-looking…  More Info

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