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Garden Grow Premium 6 Shelf Greenhouse

…together, and has a PE plastic cover, that fits over the top of a powder coated metal frame. There are six shelves, that you can place seed trays and pots on, and the sides of the plastic cover has mesh windows, to allow aeration, but keeps insects out. At night or on cooler…  More Info

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Garden Grow Premium 12 Shelf Greenhouse

…keep the heat in, on cooler days, or at night. Twelve powder coated shelves are included; with loads of space for grow bags, seed trays and plant pots. To compliment this greenhouse, we offer a range of seedling trays, extra shelving units and replacement PE covers. Also…  More Info

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Our premium peat-free compost is incredipeatfree. It can be used to pot on plug plants as well sowing seeds. The compost boasts excellent drainage properties and open pockets to help with aeration. The compost has an enough fertiliser built in to get you started, more may be…  More Info

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Redcurrant 'Rovada'

…time to best yields: 28-32 months (16-20 months for premium bare root plant). We supply established, healthy 1-year old bareroot pre-pruned plants which will quickly establish once planted. Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size rather than…  More Info

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Blueberry BerryBux®

…from attractive, compact plants! Blueberry BerryBux® is perfect as container plant on the patio, balcony, or anywhere where space is at a premium. In areas with acid soils these deciduous shrubs can be planted as a low, fruiting hedge, with the neat, glossy foliage of…  More Info

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