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Hyacinth 'Berries and Cream Mix'

Flamboyant, fragrant flower spikes in a mix of fruity shades from white through to deep burgundy. These hardy hyacinth bulbs make a fantastic spring display in formal beds and dotted throughout borders. Save a few to pot-up into containers for a bright windowsill indoors! Height:…  More Info

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Hyacinth 'Pink Pearl'

…pink hyacinths this christmas? 'Pink Pearl' has been specially selected for its compact habit and the densely covered spikes of sweetly scented flowers it produces over the festive season. Three bulbs are packed in to a 12cm pot and top-dressed with green carpet moss.…  More Info

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Hyacinth 'Value Mixed'

Hyacinths are classic spring bulbs known for their powerful perfume and upright spikes of starry blooms. Hyacinth 'Value Mixed' is a colourful blend of hardy varieties that will fill your garden with a dazzling display. Plant them in patio pots and window boxes, or…  More Info

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