Potted Hyacinth

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Hyacinth 'Pink Pearl'

…and fragrance. Hyacinth 'Pink Pearl' has all of this in profusion, a ready planted pot to put outside near your door where you can enjoy the scent as you walk by, or keep indoors to enjoy too! Height: 20cm (8). Spread 15cm (6) Plant height and spread is seasonal…  More Info

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Hyacinth 'Berries and Cream Mix'

Flamboyant, fragrant flower spikes in a mix of fruity shades from white through to deep burgundy. These hardy hyacinth bulbs make a fantastic spring display in formal beds and dotted throughout borders. Save a few to pot-up into containers for a bright windowsill indoors! Height:…  More Info

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Hyacinth 'Value Mixed'

Hyacinths are classic spring bulbs known for their powerful perfume and upright spikes of starry blooms. Hyacinth 'Value Mixed' is a colourful blend of hardy varieties that will fill your garden with a dazzling display. Plant them in patio pots and window boxes, or…  More Info

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Muscari Blue & White Mix

…carpet of colour. Versatile, touch and trouble free, they can be planted almost anywhere from challenging slopes to rockeries, borders and patio pots. With their nectar rich flowers they also make a useful choice for wildlife areas. Height and spread: 20cm (8). Useful links:…  More Info

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Spring Bulb Bundle

…patio pots and window boxes. The show begins in early spring with a gorgeous selection of miniature daffodils, and continues right through to May, rounded off with the ever-popular allium. Plus, a stunning array of long-flowering perennial tulips and our exclusive and…  More Info

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Hyacinth Double 'Eros'

…flop over in your borders - they make striking cut flowers too! As you would expect from any Hyacinth, the flowers release a powerful, heady perfume. Magnificent for edging borders and pathways, or grown in a patio pot next to the front door. Height: 25cm (10). Spread…  More Info

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Hyacinth 'White Pearl' - Gift

A well-placed pot of early-blooming hyacinths is an integral part of the home. Our specially prepared bulbs undergo VIP treatment (in refrigerated storage) with a bit of TLC thrown in so that we can send them out just as the flower buds are emerging. This means you will be…  More Info

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Hyacinth 'Pink Pearl' - Gift

…closed for up to 14 days before unfurling into the most exquisite blooms - often up to 15cm (6in) across. Hibiscus ?Pearl? will re-bloom many times during the year indoors and can also be grown on a sheltered patio during the summer months. Supplied in a 13cm (5in) zinc pot  More Info

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