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Oxalis Censation™ 'Double Pink Wonder'

…red picotee edges. This Shamrock is a low growing bulb, forming a spreading clump of triangular, clover-like foliage. It is ideal for alpine troughs, pots and sheltered rockeries. 'In most parts of the UK they are best grown in containers and moved to a frost free…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Seasonal Alpine and Rockery Collection

…quatlity. These hardy plants will be supplied in 9cm pots making them ideal for planting straight out into containers, paving crevices, rockeries or planting straight into a gravel garden. Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size rather than a…  More Info

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Hardy 'Garden Cactus'

…survive short periods as low as -7C (45F). Echinopsis hybrid (Chamaelobivia group) makes a real talking point in well drained rockeries, alpine troughs and gravel gardens. These clump forming Cacti will slowly develop spiky clumps, decorated in summer with large blooms, up…  More Info

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Sempervivum 'Chick Charms®' Collection

…lime green to bright orange during colder weather. Plant them in sunny, free draining sites for a colourful, low maintenance display. Ideal for troughs, containers, rockeries and gravel gardens. Starburst'Height: 8cm (3). Spread: 30cm (12).* Sempervivum 'Chick Charms'®…  More Info

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Platycodon Astra Blue

Platycodon Astra Blue is a plant that is a good choice for a rockery, or alpine trough. Balloon flower has neat clumps of foliage, with upright stems. Each stems boasts a cluster of inflated, round buds that explode into deep, blue star-shaped flowers. This cultivar is a sturdy,…  More Info

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