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Chempak® Fully Balanced Feed

…are absolutely necessary for plant growth,providing the right nutrition at the right time. Chempak Fully Balanced Feed No 3 has identical proportions of the primary nutrients nitrogen, phosphate and potash, which make it perfect for all plants all year round. Useful links:…  More Info

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Chempak High Potash Feed - Formula 4

Use this high potash feed to keep your summer bedding, tomatoes and vegetables well fed all season. The high potassium content and seven essential trace elements ensure better flowers and bigger crops. This fully soluble formula will start to work instantly. (N:P:K - 15-15-30 +…  More Info

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Chempak® Vegetable Fertiliser

…top dressing with four distinct phases of release of the most important plant food; nitrogen, released in a steady flow over a period of time, in conjunction with phosphates and potash providing your plants with all the nutrients they need throughout the season. Useful links…  More Info

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incredibloom® and incredcrop® duo

…need them. The controlled slow release sets new standards in fertiliser quality thanks to its continuous delivery of nitrogen, phosphates and potash throughout the entire growing season of the plant. It acts fast because the controlled release of the nitrogen, the soil…  More Info

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Chempak Fuchsia Food

Chempak Fuchsia Food is a special blend of nutrients for feeding your fuchsia plants. An almost balanced formulation with a slightly higher potash content, high magnesium and trace elements for strong colour and healthy dark foliage. Fully soluble, the formula will start to work…  More Info

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