Pot Trailing Plants

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Petunia 'Trailing Surfinia Blue'

…Blue? is unbeatable for sheer flower power. Its vigorous stems are covered in velvety, deep blue flowers that really brighten up the garden, and are weather resistant. Support the long stems in a frame, or let them tumble down in a cascade of colour. Trails to: 120cm (47).…  More Info

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Fruit Salad Pre-Planted Basket

…basket contains compost with plant food already added, to ensure the plants bloom profusely throughout the summer months. Each young plant is effectively 3 plants pre-planted into one plug! All you have to do is plant it straight into your hanging…  More Info

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Senecio 'String of Pearls' (House Plant)

…This sensational plant is endlessly fascinating, and makes a superb choice for an indoor hanging basket or a high shelf where it can freely spill from its pot. This drought tolerant house plant loves a bright, warm location in a prominent position where it can…  More Info

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Lobelia 'Waterfall Ice Blue'

…lobelia plant that is non-seeding, meaning that it will flower for a much longer period in your summer displays. Masses of royal blue flowers are enhanced with a central white flash making them appear to sparkle on summer days as they cascade over the edges of the pot  More Info

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Geranium 'GeRainbow™ Mixed'

…they can be trained up a trellis, to grow like a climbing plant, to quickly transform a drab fence or wall. The large flowers are a mix of white, pink and red. This trailing pelargonium has ivy like leaves, and has a long flowering season. Trails to: 90cm (36).…  More Info

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Petunia 'Peach Sundae'

…again! Petunia 'Peach Sundae' has a vigorous trailing habit which makes it idea for hanging baskets, windowboxes and patio pots. You can expect this colourful display to run from June to September. Height and spread: 45cm (18). Supplied as plug plants. Culinary…  More Info

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Begonia Collection

…up to 15cm (6) across add an exotic flavour to patio pots. The flamboyant blooms of Begonia Giant Picotee Mixed boast layers of elaborate, ruffled petals with a picotee edge. Begonia ?Cascade? - The pendulous stems of these spectacular trailing begonias are smothered…  More Info

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Bumper Garden Collection

All the bedding plants you will need in one fabulous collection! Our generous Bumper Garden Collection is perfect for planting up annual beds and borders with a frenzy of colour. There will be plenty to spare for filling your patio pots, hanging baskets and window…  More Info

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Clematis All Season Climbing Collection

…and pots. Height 200cm (79). Spread 100cm (39). Pruning group 3.* Clematis x aromatica - This graceful 'scrambler' bears strongly scented flowers from summer to autumn. Admire the unusual deep violet blooms with prominent pale yellow stamens as the plant trails  More Info

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