Pot Trailing Plants

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String of Hearts (House Plant)

…undersides. Throughout the summer this succulent perennial produces lantern-shaped, pink flowers. It's a houseplant that's easy to maintain and is low maintenance. String of Hearts looks great growing on a shelf, or in a hanging pot, in the conservatory. Trails to:…  More Info

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Pansy 'Coolwave'

trailing variety of pansy will provide a cascade of pretty pansies, with a mix of creams, yellows, blues and purples, throughout the dark and cold autumn and winter months and the plants will continue to bloom into the following spring. Trails to: 60cm (24?).…  More Info

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Begonia Collection

…up to 15cm (6) across add an exotic flavour to patio pots. The flamboyant blooms of Begonia Giant Picotee Mixed boast layers of elaborate, ruffled petals with a picotee edge. Begonia ?Cascade? - The pendulous stems of these spectacular trailing begonias are smothered…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Tomatoes

…of the easiest and most productive crops you can grow. Our Tomato Lucky Dip combines a selection of customer favourites - cordons for your patio pots and veggie garden, and basket varieties that you can hang right outside you kitchen door! To allow us to offer you such a…  More Info

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Clematis All Season Climbing Collection

…and pots. Height 200cm (79). Spread 100cm (39). Pruning group 3.* Clematis x aromatica - This graceful 'scrambler' bears strongly scented flowers from summer to autumn. Admire the unusual deep violet blooms with prominent pale yellow stamens as the plant trails  More Info

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