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Patio Pond Kit

…water feature in even the smallest of outdoor spaces. Our Patio Pond Kit is quick, clean and easy to install, allowing you to grow three beautiful aquatic plant species on your patio or balcony. The sturdy, 41cm diameter planting bowl makes a stylish feature…  More Info

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Canna Tropicanna

planting schemes. Grow it in damp, sunny borders or in the moist soil at the edge of a pond. Although susceptible to frost, the rhizomes can be lifted in autumn, stored in a frost free position during the winter months, and replanted year after year. Height: 150cm (60…  More Info

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Astrantia major 'Venice'

Plant hardy perennial Astrantia major ?Venice? in cottage garden borders or in the damp areas surrounding a pond and enjoy these stunning, ruby-red pincushion flowers all summer long. More vigorous than other varieties, these richly-coloured astrantia will thrive at the edge…  More Info

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Lobelia cardinalis 'Queen Victoria'

…to autumn. Preferring a damp spot in the garden, Cardinal Flower is ideal for bringing late season colour to herbaceous borders and pond-side plantings, and the flaming red colour adds an exotic touch to the garden. Lobelia cardinalis 'Queen Victoria' has been awarded an RHS…  More Info

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Shuttlecock Fern

…fronds which unfurl gracefully in spring, giving the plant a shuttlecock-like appearance. Easy to grow and awarded an RHS AGM, the shuttlecock fern makes a fabulous architectural addition to borders, woodland gardens and the edges of ponds. Growing best in moist shady…  More Info

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Mimulus x cultorum 'Major Bees'

…addition to the summer garden. Also known as Monkey Flower, Mimulus x cultorum 'Major Bees' is a bushy, perennial plant preferring a moist soil, and is perfectly happy growing beside ponds or in damp shady corners of the garden. Mimulus can also be grown in shaded…  More Info

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Canna 'Tropicanna Gold'

…sensational ?statement? plant features stunning golden flowers, towering majestically above large multi-coloured leaves. Your exotic Canna ?Tropicana Gold? will look stunning in a border or in a container on your patio. It will also be a striking feature next to your pond…  More Info

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Astilbe chinensis 'Black Pearls'

…make unusual cut flowers. The bright blooms contrast beautifully with its exceptionally dark green foliage, which forms a dense and leafy clump. This showy perennial enjoys a reliably moist soil, making a good choice for damp borders or planted next to a pond. Height:…  More Info

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Rodgersia aesculifolia

…is a sturdy perennial plant suitable for the edge of garden ponds, and damp waterlogged borders. It has Horse Chestnut like leaves, with 2 foot stems emerging from them with small star-shaped pink flowers in large conical panicles in summer. It looks great planted<…  More Info

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Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'

…yellow leaves, lightly striped with green. This semi evergreen plant enjoys a reliably moist, boggy soil and thrives when submerged in the shallow waters at the edge of ponds. The Japanese Rush will make an eye-catching addition to a damp border, bog garden or pond…  More Info

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