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Punica granatum (Pomegranate)

Pomegranate is an underrated shrub, not often seen in gardens but surprisingly ornamental. For a long season over summer, it bears distinctive and intriguing bright orange flowers. The blooms have crepe-like petals that unfurl like little parcels from stiff, funnel-shaped buds. Their bright…  More Info

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Pomegranate 'Provence'

This hardy Pomegranate will tolerate temperatures down to -15'C (5'F) and by year 3 will be producing tasty fruit in a warm, sheltered spot. A deciduous shrub or multi-stemmed tree, Pomegranate 'Provence' makes a fantastic specimen plant for borders or large containers. Vibrant orange-red flowers…  More Info

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Dwarf Pomegranate Plant (House Plant Seeds)

This dwarf Pomegranate makes an attractive little house plant for a bright, sunny spot. With a neat and compact habit, it is well suited as a pot plant, producing a multitude of vibrant orange-red flowers in summer. If pollinated, then small brown fruits will follow, making a superb talking point…  More Info

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Tulip 'Mai Tai'

A large, double-flowered tulip in a fruity cocktail of mango, pineapple and pomegranate that is sure to bring some tropical flair to your spring displays. With strong, weather-proof stems, Tulip 'Mai Tai' makes fantastic cut flowers too. Height: 50cm (20in). Spread: 20cm (8in). Useful links: How to…  More Info

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Lime 'Caviar Lime'

…tree. White spring flowers are followed by dark green slender pods which turn to pink as they ripen. Inside the pods are pink ?pearls?, like pomegranate seeds. These pearls or ?Lime Caviar? pop in the mouth with an intense citrus fizz which is a cross between lime and grapefruit. The Lime Caviar…  More Info

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Amber Shades Basket

…work! No need to worry about harmonising colours, we?ve come up with the perfect palette - a Carmen-Miranda basket of bananas, oranges and pomegranates! This fruity cocktail balances sizzling orange and yellow shades against the deeper tones of red petunias to create a vivid but harmonious…  More Info

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