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Dwarf Pomegranate Plant (House Plant Seeds)

This dwarf Pomegranate makes an attractive little house plant for a bright, sunny spot. With a neat and compact habit, it is well suited as a pot plant, producing a multitude of vibrant orange-red flowers in summer. If pollinated, then small brown fruits will follow, making a superb…  More Info

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Pomegranate 'Provence'

This hardy Pomegranate will tolerate temperatures down to -15'C (5'F) and by year 3 will be producing tasty fruit in a warm, sheltered spot. A deciduous shrub or multi-stemmed tree, Pomegranate 'Provence' makes a fantastic specimen plant for borders or large containers.…  More Info

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Lime 'Caviar Lime'

…spring flowers are followed by dark green slender pods which turn to pink as they ripen. Inside the pods are pink ‘pearls’, like pomegranate seeds. These pearls or ‘Lime Caviar’ pop in the mouth with an intense citrus fizz which is a cross between…  More Info

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Colour Theme Perfect Summer

…Superbells® Unique 'Lilac’ – Lilac with a yellow throat* Calibrachoa Superbells® Unique 'Mango Punch’ – Deep orange throat melting into shades of apricot and pink.* Calibrachoa Superbells® 'Pomegranate Punch’ – deep velvet red…  More Info

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