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Polemonium yezoense 'Purple Rain'

Polemonium yezoense ‘Purple Rain’ is a charming perennial boasting beautiful ferny foliage in a stunning dark purple-bronze, which matures to deep green later in the year. Clusters of soft blue-purple flowers are held on upright stems in early summer. Preferring moist,…  More Info

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Polemonium reptans 'Stairway to Heaven'

…to provide clumps of variegated foliage with the added feature of pretty blue flowers during April and May. The heat-tolerant tapering leaves of Polemonium reptans 'Stairway to Heaven' have a deep cream edge that will develop a pink tinge in full sun. Jacobs Ladder versatile…  More Info

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Polemonium boreale 'Heavenly Habit'

Attractive clusters of violet-blue flowers, each with a distinct golden yellow eye, look divine against the bushy, deep green foliage. Their dwarf habit makes them ideal in the front of borders, or even containers. If deadheads are removed regularly, plants will continue to flower…  More Info

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Polemonium pauciflorum 'Sulphur Trumpets'

Polemonium pauciflorum 'Sulphur Trumpets' is an unusual-looking and very attractive perennial bearing long, slender trumpets that are buttery yellow flushed with pinkish red on the outside. The nodding flowers are held in clusters above a mass of delicately divided feathery foliage.…  More Info

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