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…compost is incredipeatfree. It can be used to pot on plug plants as well sowing seeds. The compost boasts excellent drainage properties and open pockets to help with aeration. The compost has an enough fertiliser built in to get you started, more may be added from the sachet…  More Info

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Garden Snips

These handy pocket sized garden snips are great for cutting flowers for the house or for deadheading your summer annuals.  More Info

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Garden Kneeler

…height. This kneeler and seat comes complete with a handy Velcro pouch that can be used in both the sitting and kneeling position. It features three pockets and is great for keeping garden tools organised whilst working. The durable kneeler and seat are constructed from high…  More Info

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Grow Media Clay Pebbles

…and store water and those important nutrients. The clay pebbles can be used as 1 part pebbles and 9 parts compost to aerate creating valuable air pockets. They can be used as a top dressing for pots for a neat appearance, retaining moisture and preventing weed growth. Can be…  More Info

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