Plants That Love Shade

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Astilbe chinensis 'Mojito'

…both elegant and refined. This hardy perennial enjoys those damp, shaded spots in the garden where many plants struggle to grow. With a free-flowering habit, you can expect early summer blooms that will illuminate shaded borders, creating a lovely  More Info

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Pyracantha 'Orange Glow' (Large Plant)

…with shiny orange-red berries that provide valuable winter food for wild birds. This versatile hardy shrub makes a fabulous, low maintenance specimen for growing against walls and fences in almost any aspect from full sun to shade. Height and spread: 250cm (98).   More Info

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Ageratum houstonianum 'Timeless Mixed'

…supported on tall stems that make this half hardy annual just perfect for cutting. Ageratum houstonianum 'Timeless Mixed' is ideal for filling gaps in borders, adding height and texture to informal planting schemes. A lovely addition to cottage gardens and…  More Info

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Cotoneaster adpressus 'Little Gem'

…banks that are impractical to manage with planting that needs more attention. It's not just green foliage as Cotoneaster brings 3 points of interest through the seasons, there are small white flowers in the summer followed by red berries that birds   More Info

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Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea 'Orange Rocket'

…to lovely shades of plum and purple. Small yellow flowers appear in spring, emitting a subtle honey fragrance. This handy ornamental shrub has a columnar, upright habit and requires little maintenance or trimming. These plants can be trained as a hedge or grown…  More Info

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Polyanthus 'Firecracker'

…(9). Garden Ready Plants - If you?ve fallen behind with your planting or if greenhouse space is limited, we can help you catch up with our garden-ready plug plants. These sturdy plants are larger than other plugs so they can be planted straight…  More Info

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Dicentra spectablis 'Valentine'

…it?s no surprise that this graceful plant is known as Bleeding Heart. In April and May each year, the flowers of Dicentra spectabilis ?Valentine? hang in rows from arching red stems above finely cut leaves. Given moist and fertile soil and dappled shade, this …  More Info

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Quince 'Vranja' (patio)

…tree has beautiful rounded silver leaves and pretty green-pink flowers in spring. followed by large, fragrant, pear shaped fruits that ripen to a lovely shade of yellow. The fruits can be harvested from October. Freshly picked quinces are bitter and inedible,…  More Info

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Sweet Pea Duo

lovely summer display. Height: 180cm (71). Spread: 30cm (12). This sweet pea duo comprises: Sweet Pea Mixed Porlock is particularly eye-catching for its wide, maroon-pink standard petal that rises like a sail above the cluster of contrasting purple wings. Sweet Pea …  More Info

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Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia'

…fragrant flowers provide food for bees in April. Dark, cherry-like fruits that are also loved by wildlife follow in summer, turning from red to black as they ripen. Growing well in dry shade as well as full sun, this plant requires little maintenance,…  More Info

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Lamium maculatum 'Pink Pewter'

…summer with salmon pink flowers that pollinating insects will love. Due to the vigorous nature of its spread Lamium maculatum 'Pink Pewter' is the perfect choice for woodland and wildlife gardens, rockeries and borders where shade may be an issue for other   More Info

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Acer Bold Duo

…character to Japanese planting schemes and rockeries, but also make a fine container tree and add a lovely splash of colour to mixed borders. The delicate foliage of these Acers are susceptible to sun scorch and wind burn, so they are best planted in a…  More Info

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Foxglove 'Dalmatian Mixed'

Foxgloves are a classic plant of the 'Country Garden' and loved for their high towers of cone shaped flowers, that look spectacular in garden borders. Foxglove 'Dalmatian Mixed' are hardy biennial and grow well in full sun, or partial shade, flowering between…  More Info

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Acer Collection

…character to Japanese planting schemes and rockeries, but also make a fine container tree and add a lovely splash of colour to mixed borders. The delicate foliage of these Acers are susceptible to sun scorch and wind burn, so they are best planted in a…  More Info

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Fuchsia Colour Collection (Hardy)

…spectacular addition to the garden, decorated with dangling blooms that dance in the breeze all summer long. Thriving in sun or light shade, they are adaptable and reliable, returning year after year. The colourful blooms are loved by pollinating insects,…  More Info

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Zinnia elegans 'Queeny Mixed'

…in shades of cocoa brown before gradually fading to lime green, providing an amazing overall two-tone display. A real gem in the garden with a cut-and-come-again nature, which means that you can snip stems to enjoy in the home all through the summer too. To top it off…  More Info

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Hosta 'Giant Leaved Mix'

…particularly showy foliage, that will create an unforgettable display. With a dense, clump forming habit, these hardy perennials will spread to create superb ground cover for those challenging shaded areas of the garden. Ideal for the front of borders or planting<…  More Info

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Clematis 'Guernsey Cream'

…in a partially shaded site which prevents the flowers from fading. As the name suggests, it really does look good enough to eat! Height: 2.5m (8'2). Spread: 1m (3' 3). Pruning group: 2. Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size rather than a…  More Info

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Clematis 'Yukikomachi'

…?Yukikomachi' is a lovely, compact cultivar that is ideal for growing in containers. Pale lavender flowers with subtle green-yellow stamens appear from May to June, followed by a second flush in late summer. Its delicate colouring is best preserved when grown in a   More Info

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