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Plant Tie

This plastic coated wire tie is perfect for tying canes together and attaching plants to their supports. Used by professional growers it stretches to fit snugly around branches and stems. The plastic coating ensures no rusting of the inner wire, giving it greater…  More Info

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Raffia Tie

These raffia ties are a natural and environmentally alternative to plastic garden ties. Made from strips of raffia palm tree leaves, they are robust and will keep your plants in place. They can be used to tie tomato plants to canes, runner beans to…  More Info

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Petunia 'Purple Tie Dye'

…colours and patterns on the same plant! Petunia 'Purple Tie Dye' brings that dream into reality, with purple and white flowers in every combination imaginable. The variable blooms make a fantastic display, giving the impression of several different varieties   More Info

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Tree Stake and Tie

Newly planted trees should always be staked to prevent wind rock, increase stability and improve their establishment. This sturdy tree stake will provide all the support your tree will need for the first 2 years after planting ? once established, the stake can be removed. The…  More Info

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