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Tulip 'Promiss'

A tulip like you?ve never seen before, you?d be forgiven for thinking you had a bunch of beautiful English Roses growing in your garden when these delightful Tulip ?Promiss? come out. A wonderful shade of pink with a surrounding later of green petals to frame the…  More Info

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Tulip 'Blenda Flame'

Cerise pink flames dance across the white petals, each creating a unique pattern. This fabulous, bicolour Tulip is at its most dramatic when planted in bold groups in beds and borders, or crowded into wide patio containers. Tulip 'Blenda Flame' certainly deserves a…  More Info

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Tulip 'Greenland'

…the shapely blooms of Tulip ?Greenland? make a stylish display. Each pink petal is highlighted with a flame of apple green that extends from the base of the bloom to its tip. This weather resistant variety boasts long lasting blooms that make lovely cut flowers. Plant…  More Info

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Tulip 'Ice Cream Duo'

…upright stems that make these Tulips superb for cutting. Height: 30cm (12). Spread: 15cm (6).* Tulip ?Ice Cream Duo? comprises:* Tulip ?Ice Cream? - Layer upon layer of fluffy white petals are encased by an outer layer of magenta tepals, each with a green…  More Info

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Tulip 'New Design'

…flower arrangements. The colour form of Tulip 'New Design' is truly delightful, starting with the white edged, grey green leaves that lead up to a beautiful soft pink bloom that is flushed with white and primrose yellow, inside, the flowers are a deeper pink to…  More Info

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Tulip 'Ice Cream Yellow'

Rich, vanilla-yellow petals are cupped by sumptuous blackcurrant purple tepals for the most luxurious display. Tulip ?Ice Cream Yellow? is a real extrovert, demanding attention from everyone that passes! The fully double, peony-flowered blooms make a wondrous display in beds,…  More Info

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Tulip 'Ice Cream'

An extraordinary peony-flowered Tulip with a formation of petals that resembles an ice-cream cone! Layer upon layer of fluffy white petals are encased by an outer layer of magenta tepals, each with a green stripe. Sure to be a talking point in your spring garden, Tulip 'Ice…  More Info

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Tulip 'Whispering Dream'

Tulip ?Whispering Dream? will mesmerise you with its gradual transformation as the blooms mature. Initially the white blooms are delicately edged in soft pink, but this gradually darkens and diffuses toward the base of each flower, until the top half is a deep shade of…  More Info

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Tulip Patio Collection

…bright pink blooms fading to white at the base. Useful links: How to plant bulbs, corms and tubers Culinary information: Some parts of these flowers are edible. However, some people have had strong allergic reactions to tulip flowers. If touching them causes a rash,…  More Info

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