Pink Pride

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Daffodil 'Pink Pride'

Pretty pink-yellow trumpets that deepen to rose pink as they mature. Grow Daffodil 'Pink Pride' outdoors in borders and rockeries, or in containers on a bright windowsill indoors. Also excellent as cut flowers to make a really pretty posy! Height: 45cm (18). Spread:…  More Info

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Peach 'Avalon Pride'

This unique peach was discovered as a chance seedling in Washington State, near Seattle. Peach 'Avalon Pride' bears pretty pink flowers followed by large, deliciously juicy fruits from early August. * Peach, Nectarine, and Apricot rootstocks:* Peach Seedling - Dwarf reaching…  More Info

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Deutzia crenata 'Pride of Rochester'

…of star-shaped, white and pink-blushed flowers. The midsummer blooms fill the air with their alluring sweet perfume. Deciduous shrub, Deutzia crenata 'Pride of Rochester' is easy to grow, with a compact, upright habit that makes an elegant addition to sunny borders. Height…  More Info

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Penstemon 'Sweet Cherry'

With wide trumpet shaped flowers in a beautiful cherry red, Penstemon ''Sweet Cherry' deserves pride of place in your garden. The long-lasting blooms appear in summer above a flush of glossy, semi-evergreen foliage and continue well into autumn, long after other plants have started…  More Info

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