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Pink Explosion

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Tree Lily® Collection

…(8'). Spread: 60cm (24). Supplied as bulbs.* Collection comprises:* 'Yellow Rocket' - Silky yellow petals with creamy white edges.* 'Starburst' - Golden, perfumed blooms with a crimson red stripe.* 'Pink Explosion' - Sumptuous pink petals with an exquisite…  More Info

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Tree Lily® 'Pink Explosion'

…backward curving, pink petals and an exquisite fragrance to match. Tree lilies® are the breathtaking result of years of painstaking breeding; these incredible varieties of Oriental lily can grow as tall as 2.5m (8ft) in as little as two years. One single bulb of Tree…  More Info

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Clematis 'Blue Explosion'

…across! You'll only believe it when you see it. Outer petals are decorated with a pretty pink blush on their tips to prompt further amazement at this truly spectacular and energetic climber. Clematis 'Blue Explosion' will burst into flower in May with big, semi-double…  More Info

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Nerine bowdenii 'Mixed'

Sturdy stems topped with an explosion of pink and white blooms. This autumn flowering bulb is at its best when many other plants are beginning to fade! The impressive display of firework like blooms looks particularly effective when planted in tight groups. Ideal for growing…  More Info

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Allium 'Hairy Collection'

…?Drumstick? - Unusual, egg-shaped flower heads that start green and gradually turn purple from the top. * Allium schubertii - An explosion of up to 200 small, pink florets create these magnificent, rounded flower heads. Culinary information: Some parts of these…  More Info

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Saxifraga 'Peter Pan'

…Saxifraga 'Peter Pan' produces masses of wonderful dark pink flowers above cushions of dense evergreen leaves. Flowering in spring, Saxifrage plants are superb paired with spring bulbs or planted around spring-flowering shrubs for an explosion of early colour.…  More Info

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Achillea millefolium 'Cerise Queen'

…on tall stems held above the aromatic, feathery foliage. ?Cerise Queen? is a vigorous variety, requiring little maintenance yet creating an explosion of late summer colour at the back of herbaceous borders. Easy to grow, even on dry poor soils, this is an ideal choice for…  More Info

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Tulip, Hyacinth & Anemone Mix

…coordinated flowers for your beds, borders and containers. White Anemones begin the display in March, followed by deep purple Hyacinths, and an explosion of lilac and purple Tulips that keep the show going right through to May! Collection comprises: Tulip 'Candy Prince' -…  More Info

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Ultimate Perennial Collection

…herbaceous border is easy to achieve with the Ultimate Perennials Collection. These reliable hardy plants will return year after year to bring an explosion of colour and texture to your summer garden. This superb collection combines 10 varieties of well loved perennial…  More Info

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