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Pink Cordyline

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Cordyline 'Southern Splendour'

Cordyline ‘Southern Splendour’ bears sword-shaped variegated leaves coloured olive green and bright pink. When mature, Cordylines develop into small, palm-like trees and make excellent focal points as container grown or border specimens and combine well with vibrantly coloured…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Charlie Boy'

Cordyline ‘Charlie Boy’ is a striking architectural shrub which bears long strap-shape leaves variegated with pink and burgundy. As the plant matures, a tall, bare stem emerges creating a tree-like appearance crowned with spikey leaves. Cordyline are low-maintenance evergreens providing…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Sundance'

An upright cordyline offering rich green foliage with a defining pink stripe running down to a pink base. The evergreen sword-like foliage makes this a superb architectural shrub for containers, or a focal point in a courtyard garden. Cordylines are also well-known for their ability to withstand the…  More Info

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Cordyline Trio

…Spread: 1 - 1.5m (39-59in). Cordyline Trio comprises the following varieties:* Cordyline ‘Southern Splendour’ - variegated leaves coloured olive green and bright pink.* Cordyline ‘Torbay Dazzler’ - vibrant variegated cream-edged leaves* Cordyline ‘Torbay Red’…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Rumba' (House plant)

…green with contrasting pink margins. Cordyline ‘Rumba’ adds some tropical colour to green arrangements and will quickly mature into a reasonably tall specimen, creating a useful focal point. Said to bring good fortune, the lush foliage of Cordyline ‘Rumba’ or ‘Good…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Tango' (House Plant)

Cordylines make excellent house plants, providing stature and colour to any setting. Cordyline fruticosa 'Tango' forms an upright cane of broad, strap-like leaves that cloak its slender, woody stems. The variegated foliage of this variety is grey-green with broad cerise pink margins, making an…  More Info

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