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Blueberry 'Pink Sapphire'™

…1.5m (5'). Supplied in a 9cm pot. Blueberry 'Pink Sapphire'? is self fertile, but if you would like to produce bigger crops we highly recommend our superb 3 plant collection. Comprising 2 of the amazing Blueberry 'Pink Sapphire'? plus 1 delicious   More Info

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Blueberry Colour Duo

…180cm (71"). Collection comprises: Blueberry 'Pink Sapphire'™ - A pink blueberry! This unique new variety provides year-round colour and interest in the garden - not to mention deliciously sweet fruit with a lovely firm texture.   More Info

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Blueberry 'Elliot'

One of the best late season Blueberry varieties available! The white flowers have a pretty, pink tint that makes an attractive spring display. As summer progresses, Blueberry 'Elliot' boasts excellent crops of flavoursome, firm berries - delicious eaten fresh or added…  More Info

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Blueberry 'Flamingo'

Blueberry ?Flamingo? boasts small white flowers with unique foliage that emerges an attractive mottled pink colour, before maturing to bright green with cream marbling. This compact little Blueberry is perfect for the patio where you can enjoy its ornamental value as…  More Info

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Blueberry 'Powder Blue'

…superb 3 plant collection - comprising 2 of the amazing Blueberry 'Pink Sapphire'? plus 1 delicious Blueberry 'Powder Blue', you will benefit from greatly increased cross pollination and ensure even larger yields of mouth-watering blueberries. Click here…  More Info

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Blackcurrant 'Big Ben'

The blackcurrants that grow on the 'Big Ben' variety of blackcurrant bush are so huge they could easily be mistaken for blueberries. They are two or three times the size of standard blackcurrants! Once mature, a single bush can produce up to 4.5kg of fruit per year. The fruit grows…  More Info

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Chilean Guava 'KA-POW'

…bell-shaped flowers which are sweetly fragrant and attractive to pollinating insects. These are followed in autumn by deep red fruit, similar to blueberries, which smell fabulous. For the best flavour, resist their delicious aroma and wait for the fruit to fully ripen in…  More Info

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