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Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant, also known as the Missionary Plant, is a great houseplant for shelves and window ledges. It has rounded, glossy leaves, that surround a central, upright stem, with a neat and compact habit. In summer it has frothy, tiny, cream-pink flowers. It is best situated in a…  More Info

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Green Houseplants Bathroom Trio

…varieties and will be chosen upon the picking of your order: 6cm Pot x 1: Philodendron Atom Syngonium (Mix) Rhoeo Spathacea (Tradescantia spathacea) Pilea peperomioides ? (Chinese money plant) 11cm Pot x 1: Asplenium antiquum 'Crissie' Pandanus veitchii Microsorum m. …  More Info

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House Plants Hanging Mixed

…Unusually, the fronds develop a variety of leaf shapes, some are handsomely lobed whilst others remain entire. Height and spread: 50cm (20”). Pilea glaucophylla - cute trailing plant forming a cushiony mound composed of hundreds of tiny leaves on delicate reddish…  More Info

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