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Pewter Lace Fern

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Fern 'Fantastic Collection'

…plants are also available as individual plants. Height: 90cm (36). Spread: 60cm (24). Supplied as plug plants. * Collection comprises:* Athyrium ?Pewter Lace? - Soft, grey-green foliage creates beautiful forms as its fronds unfurl into fresh, new growth. * Athyrium …  More Info

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Fantastic Fern 'Pewter Lace'

Transform a shaded corner with this elegant Painted Fern. Athyrium niponicum var. pictum 'Pewter Lace' produces beautiful, arching fronds that bring texture and architecture to planting schemes. The foliage is soft grey-green, contrasting with the claret red midribs.…  More Info

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