Petunia Giant

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Petunia 'Giant Mix'

Who said size doesn?t matter? Our Petunia ?Giant Mix? are the titans of the Petunia world making other varieties look small by comparison. This colourful mix has built in weather resistance too ? so there?s no risk of the flowers flopping after every rainfall. These…  More Info

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Petunia grandiflora 'Double Cascade Burgundy Plum Vein' F1 Hybrid

…creating a waterfall of pleated powderpuffs all summer long. Height: 23-30cm (9-12in). Growing tip: Get the best out of your petunias with our specially formulated Petunia Fertiliser - the perfect balance of nutrients to get them off to a flying start and nourish them…  More Info

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Hanging Basket Duo Collection

…basket fuchsia and petunia Postiplug plants. Fuchsia 'Giants' Collection - With large blooms up to 10cm (4in) across, these delightful trailing fuchsias guarantee a stunning colourful display all summer. Petunia 'Frills & Spills? Mixed' - These outstanding…  More Info

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