Perrenial Climbing Plants

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Strawberry 'Skyline'

The new climbing strawberry! Perfect where space is at a premium, with the added benefit of easy-cropping, and easier protection form slugs. Just plant in the soil and train up trellis or pea netting, or grow on the patio with our new Towerpot'. Height 1.5m (5?). Spread: 30cm…  More Info

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Strawberry 'Mount Everest'

…be trained up a climbing frame or obelisk for easy picking - and for a real talking point in your garden! This ever-bearing variety produces a delicious crop of medium-sized, sweet fruits from June until September. Height: 1m (39). Spread: 30cm (12). Supplied as bareroot   More Info

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Clematis 'Pink Fantasy'

…This hardy climbing perennial has a neat, compact habit and it is therefore highly suitable for planting in a container. It is equally happy on a trellis or pergola - or try planting through roses and shrubs for subtle contrast. Height: 2.5m (8' 2). Spread: 1m …  More Info

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Clematis 'Guernsey Cream'

…good enough to eat! Height: 2.5m (8'2). Spread: 1m (3' 3). Pruning group: 2. Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size rather than a defined plant size. The height and spread of the plant delivered will vary depending on the season,…  More Info

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