Perennial Verbena

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Verbena bonariensis

This increasingly popular, first year flowering perennial produces robust plants, with wiry stems topped by floating clouds of eye-catching, rosy lavender blooms. Plant Verbena bonariensis amongst other perennials to add height and an air of tranquillity in your…  More Info

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Verbena bonariensis

Verbena bonariensis produces lavender flower heads formed from tightly-clustered florets, held stiffly upright on branching stems. These long-lasting blooms are a magnet for bees and butterflies, and this elegant perennial is at its most effective when planted in large…  More Info

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Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop'

At last here's a wonderful hardy perennial verbena that's much more compact than it?s well known parent Verbena bonariensis. This highly versatile plant produces the same clustered florets of bright purple blooms but on shorter stems for a neater and fuller effect. The…  More Info

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Best Perennial Collection

…season. Plant them in bold groups for maximum impact! Your collection will consist of 6 plug plants of each of the following varieties: Aquilegia 'Mrs Scott Elliott', Dianthus 'Rockin Red', Doronicum 'Little Leo', Salvia 'Salvatore Blue', Leucanthemum 'Crazy Daisy' and Verbena<…  More Info

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Best Value Perennial Collection

A range of 12 beautiful perennial varieties that look stunning and will bloom year after year providing colour and interest to your garden. Plant in groups to get the cottage garden look and create sensational summer border displays. Your collection will consist of 6 plug plants of…  More Info

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Perennial Potted Collection

…will provide all the perennials that you need to create a new border from scratch or simply fill gaps in existing planting schemes. Getting bigger and better every season, these summer flowering perennials will provide beautiful borders for many years to come.   More Info

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Verbena bonariensis 'Buenos Aires'

The tall structure of Verbena ?Buenos Aires? makes a bold statement in any garden. With branching stems and clusters of tiny purple flowers, this is a great choice for late-summer colour, and it is attractive to bees and other insects too. Verbena gives good value as it…  More Info

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Verbena bonariensis (National Trust)

…history for everyone, forever. Verbena bonariensis is instantly recognisable for its tall, slender stems topped with clusters of lilac-purple flowers. The blooms take on a luminance in early evening, seeming to glow in the fading light. This mesmerising perennial is…  More Info

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