Perennial Sunflower

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Heliopsis 'Luna Roja'

This sizzling perennial sunflower comes in fiery shades of burnt orange which will keep you feeling sunny even on overcast days. The daisy-like flowers blaze above neat mounds of bronze-black foliage, which makes a handsome feature even before the blooms appear. From…  More Info

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Sunflower maximiliani 'Early Bird'

Multiple flowers per stem coupled with a gorgeous chocolatey scent makes this perennial Sunflower ?Early Bird? extra special. Ideal for the back or the middle of a border and best planted in groups where its upright stems and slender habit gives a lovely airy appeal as well…  More Info

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Sunflower maximiliani

Often known as the Maximilian Sunflower, this attractive species produces masses of golden yellow, 7cm (3) wide blooms all the way up the tall stems, which have a sweet chocolate fragrance. Perennial sunflower Helianthus maximiliani makes a stunning addition to the…  More Info

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Heliopsis helianthoides 'Red Shades'

It?s easy to see the appeal of Heliopsis helianthoides 'Red Shades'. The orange-red blooms are borne in abundance throughout the summer, against a backdrop of dark chocolate-brown foliage. This free-flowering variety is loved by pollinating insects making this a good choice for wildlife…  More Info

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Eriophyllum lanatum

Also known as ‘the sunshine flower,’ this cheerful little ground cover plant will quickly spread the sun around your garden, carpeting parched ground with fast-growing clumps of drought-tolerant, silvery-grey leaves. This is a resilient plant with real staying power, delivering…  More Info

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Jerusalem Artichoke 'Papas' (Gourmet roots)

…‘Papas’: With reddish-purple skin, these knobbly, nutty tubers are one of the most rewarding vegetable crops. A close relative of sunflowers, tubers are produced in abundance and can be roasted, baked, or sautéed. Simply cut the stems down when they have…  More Info

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Sunflower x laetiflorus

A true perennial Sunflower adding height and colour to perennial borders, flowering in their first year. Stunning bright yellow 10-12cm (4-5in) diameter blooms with deep yellow centres, will brighten your garden over a long period attracting birds and butterflies.…  More Info

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