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Peony Itoh

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Peony Itoh 'Canary Brilliants'

…between spring and summer. One of a group known as Itoh Peonies, these eye-catching varieties are bred to combine the exotic good looks of tree peonies with the herbaceous growth habit of herbaceous peonies ? giving the best of both worlds! Peony  More Info

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Peony Collection

Peonies are a classic cottage garden plant. They will last a lifetime in the garden, getting bigger and better with age, so are always worth the investment. Make use of the addictively fragrant blooms from May to June in cut flower displays too. This magnificent collection comprises…  More Info

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Peony Itoh Collection

…collection of three stunning peonies! These lightly-fragrant, semi-double blooms are splashed with deeper colour at the base of each petal, giving them a truly luxurious appearance. Itoh Peonies combine the exotic looks of tree peonies with the growth…  More Info

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Peony 'Everlasting Treasure'

…rare cross between an herbaceous peony and a tree peony has created this stunning intersectional hybrid. The result is a statuesque Itoh Peony with an upright bushy habit, and long lasting golden, cup shaped blooms reminiscent of its tree peony  More Info

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