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Grow Media Clay Pebbles

Clay Pebbles can be used for soil free growing. They can promote healthy root growth as they absorb and store water and those important nutrients. The clay pebbles can be used as 1 part pebbles and 9 parts compost to aerate creating valuable air pockets. They can be…  More Info

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Serenity Cubic Cascading Pebble Wall Water Feature

Create a stylish focal point in your garden or courtyard with this cubic cascading pebble wall water feature from Serenity. This four-tier water feature with four rectangular basins that cascade water down into each other, will look great in any outside space. The water feature is…  More Info

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Grow Media Coir Mix 70/30

Premium Coir is a mix of 70% coir and 30% perlite with a small amount of clay pebbles. It contains rich, organic plant based bio-stimulants and amino acids. There is perfect mix of macro and mirco nutrients which helps improves germination and root growth. It is ideal for hydroponic…  More Info

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Tillandsia argentea (House Plant)

Enjoy them in a glass vase or terrarium with pebbles, or create a natural looking display by pushing them into driftwood. When it comes to house plants, they don’t come much easier and more stylish than Tillandsia (Air Plants). Tillandsia is a rainforest plant that naturally…  More Info

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Tillandsia melanocrater tricolor (House Plant)

…available in the air. Without the need of soil, they?re perfect for showing off a variety of contemporary ways, such as in a vase, dish of pebbles, wooden planter or nestled into notches in ornamental branches to recreate its natural environment. Height: 40cm (16?). Spread:…  More Info

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Pachyphytum oviferum (House plant)

This fascinating succulent is sure to capture your attention with its smooth, pebble-like foliage. The fleshy leaves are silvery-green, but may also have a delicate purple hue. Like most succulents, Pachyphytum oviferum is drought tolerant and easy to grow. Thriving in hot, bright spots,…  More Info

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Living Stone Plant (House Plant Seeds)

These curious little succulents camouflage themselves as rounded pebbles, hence the common name of Living Stone Plant! Lithops are compact and very low maintenance, but always make an intriguing display! Although easy to grow from seed, Living stones are very slow growing so…  More Info

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