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Peacock Orchid

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Bulb and Bare Root Collection

…starry deep blue flowers above clumps of fine, grass-like foliage. Height: 30cm. Spread: 15cm (6”).* Acidanthera (15 bulbs) - Also known Peacock Orchid, these summer blooming gladioli have upright, sword-like foliage and exotic, starry flowers with maroon patterning at the centre. Graced with…  More Info

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Gladiolus murielae

Understated, elegant blooms nod their heads demurely from the tops of swaying, slender stems. Eye-catching maroon stars mark the centre of each simple white flower, filling the air with a sweet, heady perfume. Gladiolus murielae, also known as Acidanthera, brings a touch of class to borders, adding…  More Info

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