Peace Lily

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Spathiphyllum 'Torelli' (House Plant)

A low maintenance tender perennial commonly known as a Peace Lily. This dainty house plant produces large, elongated, silky evergreen leaves with tips that slightly droop. Beautiful white spathes are borne above their sleek stems in spring and early summer and as they unfurl…  More Info

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Spathiphyllum 'Torelli' (House Plant)

Better known as the Peace Lily, these tender perennials are famed for their ability to remove pollutants from the air. Spathiphyllum 'Torelli' forms a dense clump of large, upright, glossy, evergreen leaves with gently drooping tips that make this a handsome house plant all…  More Info

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Wellbeing Collection (House Plant)

A lovely collection of houseplants all with their own benefits for wellbeing. The peace lily is a well-loved houseplant, one reason being for its air-purifying qualities. It can remove toxins and pollutants from the air surrounding it. The white blooms offer instant beauty…  More Info

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Purifying Plant Collection

…Plant (Chlorophytum comosum 'Variegatum') - The brightly variegated, strap-like foliage arches beautifully to create a lovely tumbling effect.* Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum 'Torelli') - Elegant white spathes are produced, rising on slender stems above the foliage.*…  More Info

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