Patio Blackberry

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Blackberry 'Opal' (Dwarf)

The perfect blackberry plant if you love the taste of these favourite autumn fruits but don?t have the space for one of the large, rambling bushes! Blackberry ?Opal? is a dwarf variety that has a compact habit and is actually perfect for growing in patio containers too…  More Info

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Blackberry 'Coolaris Patio' (Patio Fruit)

Imagine picking your own delicious blackberries straight from the patio! Traditional varieties are often large and sprawling, but Blackberry 'Coolaris Patio' is the perfect size for growing in a container. Despite its compact habit, it?s a big cropper, producing…  More Info

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Lowberry® Blackberry 'Little Black Prince' (Dwarf)

Blackberry 'Little Black Prince' is a new introduction with a dwarf, compact habit. Reaching just 1m tall, it is the perfect size for a pot on the patio, making snacking on its fruits even more convenient. The stems are virtually thornless, making it easier to harvest…  More Info

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Grow Your Own Collection

…spaces. Glossy, black fruits with a distinctive tart flavour are borne in profusion in early summer. Height and spread: 100cm (39?).* Blackberry ?Coolaris Patio? '(1 x 9cm Pot) ? Another big cropper in a small package ? again perfect for containers, producing large,…  More Info

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Garden Grow Self Watering 4 Tier Tomato Tower

…Featuring a planter, water well and four levels, this tower creates a great environment for growing tomatoes, peppers, runner beans, peas and blackberries. Simply construct the tower using the handy instructions included, fill the base with 2.3 litres of water using the…  More Info

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