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Potato Sacks (paper)

These strong paper sacks can hold up to 25kg of potato tubers and are ideal for storing your potatoes after harvesting. The thick paper blocks out light, preventing your potatoes from turning green.  More Info

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Poppy 'Oriental Collection'

…of Livermere? - Petals are rich crimson red, with a splash of black in the centre.* Papaver ?Victoria Louise? ? Tall, bristled stems topped with the ruffled, crepe paper petals around a deep, dark centre.* Papaver ?Queen Alexander? ? Satin, coral pink blooms with dark…  More Info

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Hydrangea macrophylla 'Blue Danube'

Hydrangea are a popular hardy garden shrub due to their large 20cm (8) diameter flowerheads with paper like petals, that retain colour well into the autumn and the fact that they are so easy to maintain. They can be planted in sun or shade, in garden borders or in large containers.…  More Info

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Blazebox InstantLighting Fire Logs

…fire quickly and easily with these fantastic Blazebox instant-lighting fire logs. Easy to use, simply put them in your fireplace and light the paper and you?ll have an instant log fire effect which will last for up to two hours. What makes them even better is they?re clean…  More Info

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Edgeworthia chrysantha (Large Plant)

…?Grandiflora? is a superb specimen shrub for borders or woodland gardens, adding an exotic touch and fragrance. Although hardy to -5'C (23'F), Paper Bush appreciates a sheltered position to prevent frost damage to the flowers. Height and spread: 150cm (59). Plant height and…  More Info

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Poppy 'Royal Wedding'

Large flowers with the purest white, tissue-paper petals and black blotches at the centre make this a winning variety in the garden. Poppy 'Royal Wedding' is a classy herbaceous perennial forming clumps of serrated hairy leaves and bearing its large flowers on tall slender stems which sway…  More Info

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