Pansy Winter Flowering

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Pansy 'Rhubarb and Custard'

…point for baskets, window boxes, beds and borders. Pansy ?Rhubarb and Custard? is versatile and robust, happily withstanding the cold winter weather. Like all winter pansies, this reliable variety will provide long lasting colour from winter right…  More Info

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Pansy 'Matrix™ Mixed'

…patterns, Pansy 'Matrix Mix' are bigger and better than the average pansy, providing a brilliant winter and springtime display. These robust plants have a compact, branching habit and bloom whatever the weather brings which means you can be sure of a really…  More Info

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Pansy 'Mystique Blue Halo'

…new pansy boasts extra large flowers with white centres, purple whiskers and a cool, clear blue surround. Pansy 'Mystique Blue Halo' erupts with an abundance of beautiful blooms from late winter and may even produce the odd bloom in autumn after planting…  More Info

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Pansy 'Frizzle Sizzle'

…late winter and spring. Cheery blooms on compact plants with a hint of pansy scent and incredible flowering performance. Pansy 'Frizzle Sizzle' is ideal for brightening up your beds, containers, Flower Pouches' and window boxes. Height and spread:…  More Info

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Viola 'Sorbet Honeybee'

…are the perfect way to brighten your beds, borders, baskets and window boxes this winter. Add a splash of sunshine to the garden with these reliable, free flowering F1 hybrids. Blooming from late winter, and continuing well into spring, they will provide long…  More Info

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Pansy 'Clear Crystal Mixed' (Seeds)

Super reliable, with clear, pattern-free flowers, in a mix of bright colours. These will flower through winter or summer and are excellent for bedding or pots. Height: 15cm (6). Spread: 23cm (9). Culinary information: Some parts of these flowers are edible. The…  More Info

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Viola Pre-Planted Hanging Basket

…20cm (8in). Viola is one of our top performing hanging basket varieties, producing cascading trails of colourful blooms to brighten up the winter garden. Flowers just keep on coming and will continue to perform well into May - Four months of colour and all you need to…  More Info

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Printed Flower Pouch®

…printed version of our Flower Pouch® boasts an attractive design so that it looks good even when not completely covered with your favourite flowers! You can plant up with Busy Lizzies, Begonias and Petunias for a stunning display in summer, while a winter  More Info

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